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Sainted Academic Staff

Prof. Dr. Şule BİLİR (1927 - 2007)


She is graduated from İstanbul University Medical Faculty in 1951. She got the Child Health and Diseases Specialist Degree from Ankara University Medical Faculty, than she worked on premature infants department in Londra at Great Orman Children Hospital and at Birmingham Üniversity Serrento Maternite Hospital for two years. When she was back to her country she countinued her studiesat Hacettepe University Child Deseases Department as Faculty Instructor.

She became Child Health and Diseases Associate Professor in 1970, and Child Health and Diseases Professor in 1975. She is assigned to Child Development and Education Department in 1971 as Head of Department. She generated the Special Education Discipline in 1978, also a Lab Preschool associated with Child Development and Education Department.

She is assigned as directorate of the school of home economics in 1979. since 1979 She served as Head of Department of Child Development and Education, and member of the university senate and board of directors. She is retired at 17 december 1994. She has many National and International Scientific publications.



Hacettepe University Faculty of Health Sciences 
Department of Child Development Sıhhiye Ankara-TURKIYE
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