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There are various facilities for accommodation within both campuses. Standard dormitories at Beytepe Campus can host 3.472 students. The costs of the dormitories range between 205-310 Turkish Liras, that is 115-170 US Dollars. In addition, there are two guest houses at Sıhhiye Campus (capacity: 292 rooms), and student houses (capacity: 1880 students) and two private dormitories (capacity: 1340 students) at Beytepe Campus. Along with new investments, the accommodation capacity will double in the very near future. There are more than 12 private dormitories (capacity: 56-100) in the neighborhood of the university. Off-campus housing (rent and utilities) costs around 270-350 Turkish Liras, that is 150-200 US Dollars, per person for a 3 bedroom apartment (shared with 3 students). All the necessary services (food, ironing rooms, washing and drying rooms, computer halls, dental laboratory for students of Dental Faculty, internet and telecommunication, hot water, automatic security systems, daily cleaning, TV, and etc. ) are available at the dormitories and student houses within the university. In Beytepe Campus, students can reach to a shopping mall within a walking distance. Students can also eat and spend their times at 6 cafeterias (capacity: 8400) within both campuses 7 days a week. The 4-course menus are determined by dietitians, and cost for 1 Turkish Lira (approximately 0.5 Cents). In addition, there are many cafeterias and restaurants within the campuses. A student is likely to need 200-400 US Dollars for monthly expenses (accommodation, food, public transportation and books).