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Our Mission

Department of Child Development’s mission is to educate qualified and well educated child development specialists who will provide development for normal, disabled, diseased children of 0-18 ages under protection or danger, improve developmental evaluation materials, provide counseling , publication and research services to the related persons, institutions and establishments (according to their needs) to the field, develop and produce projects in relation to child, family, educators and the society by applying contemporary approaches and actualize and generalize those projects for the highest benefit of child and family from the every walk of life in the society.



Hacettepe University Faculty of Health Sciences 
Department of Child Development Sıhhiye Ankara-TURKIYE
Tel : 00 90 312 305 15 26 
00 90 312 305 18 37 - 00 90 312 305 31 26 
Fax: 00 90 312 305 30 53 
E-mail :