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Our Vision

To educate professional members, who leads families, children and educators with their contemporary and advanced education and level of knowledge, enhances and modernize themselves according to society's changing and developing needs, creative, establishes an effective communication, and also to be known nationally and internationally as one of the leading institution by the counseling, research, publication and training services aimed at the family, child and educators; to contribute to the formation of a society which qualified individuals appreciating their own culture and have universal values be situated in, furthermore; being scientific, objective, honest and transparent, creative, flexible, receptive for contemporary approaches, sensitivity to social realities along with apprehension, working together with the values of commitment in education, to be idealistic, cooperative, aware of responsibilities and team, compromise and tolerant and pioneering form our department's vision.



Hacettepe University Faculty of Health Sciences 
Department of Child Development Sıhhiye Ankara-TURKIYE
Tel : 00 90 312 305 15 26 
00 90 312 305 18 37 - 00 90 312 305 31 26 
Fax: 00 90 312 305 30 53 
E-mail :